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The Need for the Thermal Angel

Blood and IV Warmers and the Thermal Angel

The Need for the Thermal Angel

Hypothermia is the third most serious condition of all trauma patients, and 65% of all surgical patients experience hypothermia, due to the use of anesthetics and cold intravenous fluids. On the other hand, maintaining a surgical patient’s normal body temperature has been shown to reduce infection, speed healing, shorten hospital stays, and reduce the chance of serious heart injury. Additionally, patients may experience much less discomfort and shivering when warm fluids are infused.

The Solution

Estill Medical Technologies originally developed the Thermal Angel for use by paramedics to help prevent fluid-induced hypothermia under adverse field conditions such as those accompanying a vehicle accident. However, since the need for temperature management investigation began, the potential uses have expanded significantly.  Other identified needs exist where IVs are started in trauma and acute care centers, emergency rooms, burn centers, operation rooms and recovery rooms.  The Thermal Angel’s features and benefits allow the caregiver to expand their ability to provide warm fluids in environments that have historically never been serviced.

Areas of Use Include