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Blood and IV Fluid Warmer Testimonials from Hospitals

Capt. Eric Gratz, City of Allentown EMS

Our Special Operations Paramedics have carried and utilized the Thermal Angel since 2010. As a regional resource we have used the device in various scenarios, from rope/terrain rescues to extended vehicle entrapments, and found that device is the best on the market for delivering continuous warm fluids to these patients. The portability, ease of setup […]

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Capt. Louis Cook, Commanding Officer (former), Fire Department New York (FDNY)

We purchased the Thermal Angel to help us meet the unique needs of technical rescue patients we frequently encounter.  We specifically look for devices used by the US military medics in forward austere environments.  The durability and ease of use of the Thermal Angel makes it ideal for civilian EMS use for both field and […]

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Scott Schandelson, Chief Flight Nurse, Benefis Mercy Flight

Mercy Flight patient’s have greatly benefited by the addition of the Thermal Angel technology. Our program really pushed passive warming as far as we could and the addition of the Thermal Angel provided our patients with active warming technology without sacrificing weight and space. The system is easy to use and simple to set up. […]

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Mary Bunger, Director of Nursing, Kearney County Health Services

The Thermal Angel was used May 11, 2008 and everyone involved thought things went well. It was used on a motor vehicle accident victim, a young lady. Her automobile accident happened in the early morning hours and because of her disorientation, she walked across a field to a farm house, could not arouse anyone, and […]

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Captain Nadine W., U.S. Army, Afghanistan

I never used the Thermal Angel in my civilian practice in the ICU setting. It wasn’t until being deployed with the Army to my current duty station in Afghanistan that I was introduced to it. And I have to say I really like what it does to complement the warming measures we use for our trauma patients. […]

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Cindy Spencer, Flight Nurse, Air Evac Lifeteam XI

Hello, I just wanted to let you know what a truly wonderful piece of equipment the Thermal Angel is!!! It is literally a lifesaver. I was an ER nurse for many years and was use to using the fluid warmers in the hospitals, which are large, difficult to use and slow. The first time I use the Thermal […]

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Ann Cahill, CRNA

We recently purchased the Thermal Angel for use by our Anesthesia Department. The nurses in the hospital like it so much, the CNO is considering buying more units for use all over the hospital. The best part is how effective the unit is for so little set up time. Perfect product for our small facility.

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Shad Barnett, MICP, Barrow, Alaska

We used the Thermal Angel recently with much success on a patient that was recovered out on the tundra with a rectal temp of 83°F. The Thermal Angel was a vital tool in the rewarming process and enhanced our overall ability to provide patient care.

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Dolores Majors, MD Anesthesiology

The Thermal Angel was small enough to use on both peripheral IV’s, making it easier to keep all fluids warm.

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