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Military & Government

Thermal Angel Blood and IV Warmer Helps the Military & Government

The Thermal Angel has been deployed to every branch of the U.S. Military

  • IV-Warmer-Thermal-Angel-Blood-US-MilitaryAll Echelons of Care: Combat Medics, Special Operations Forces, Ground and Air Evacuation Teams & Surgical Stabilization
  • All Branches: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), National Guard
  • All Locations: United States, Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, etc.
  • All Vehicles: MRAP Vehicles (Mine Resistant Ambush Protection), Strykers, Hummers, Air Ambulances, Ground Ambulances
  • Kits: The Ultra Operations Module is deployed and available with components needed by the Military and has an NSN Number for easy ordering, and includes a simple visual guide for Instructions

Military Citations

Thermal Angel Blood Warmer and U.S. Military Battlefield HealthcareTactical Combat Casualty Care Guidelines (TCCC), February 2009:
Pg. 8: Basic Management Plan for Tactical Evacuation (TACEVAC/CASEVAC/MEDEVAC) Care
Section (6): Prevention of Hypothermia

  • “Use the Thermal Angel or other portable fluid warmer on all IV sites, if possible.”

68W Advanced Field Craft: Combat Medic Skills, 2009:
Pg. 16: Battlefield Care

  • Thermal Angel fluid warming devices can help prepare IV fluids for casualties to prevent hypothermia.”

Battlefield and Disaster Nursing Pocket Guide. Triservice Nursing Research Program, 2009:
Pg. 89, Table 2-35: Levels of Hypothermia Prevention

  • “Any evacuation platform: Use Thermal Angel (fluid warmer) + Blizzard Blanket (external warmer)”
  • “Level IIb/IIIa: Use Bair Hugger (external warmer) + Thermal Angel or Belmont FMS (rapid infusor)”
  • “Level IIa: Use Thermal Angel and Bair Hugger”

Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS). Military 6th Edition, 2009:
Pg. 190: Hierarchical Equipment List for Prevention and Treatment of Hypothermia

  • “IV fluids should be warmed before administration. The U.S. Army Ranger Regiment often uses the Thermal Angel (Estill Medical Technologies, Dallas), a battery powered, disposable fluid warmer.”

Journal of Military and Veterans Health. Vol 16, Number 4, July 2008:
Pg. 28: Lessons Learnt and battlefield innovations from the Middle East area of Operations (MEAO)

  • “Prevention of hypothermia is far preferable than attempting to treat it. Novel methods utilized in the MEAO include warming fluids,… the Thermal Angel (which is being used by the Australian Defense Force.)”

The Need

Warmer-IV-Blood-Thermal-Angel-US-MilitaryThe potential for combat casualties to develop hypothermia and secondary coagulopathy makes adequate fluid warming an important function in preparation for and during patient transport. The Thermal Angel has been employed in combat operations on both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft in support of the Global War on Terrorism and is the fluid warmer of choice for the United States Special Operations Command.

With its mobile Ultra Battery, and quick set-up, the Thermal Angel sets the conditions for seamless patient movement across all operational spectrums of military medicine. Under the Forced Logistics, Military Medical Transformation Plan the Thermal Angel not only meets the challenges ahead, it exceeds them in all facets. If your requirement is for the delivery of quick and effective warm intravascular fluid to Combat Casualties while reducing product training time, decreasing the logistical foot-print and providing seamless patient movement, then the Thermal Angel is a clear choice.

Quick Training for Your Austere Environment

Because the logistics of educating military medical personnel are so time consuming, the Thermal Angel was designed to require minimal training. The 5 Steps are printed on the Thermal Angel label, bag, and instruction insert. By providing multiple avenues for training, the end user chooses the approach most appropriate for them and their time schedule.

Quick Set Up

Because the Thermal Angel is elegantly simple, there are no knobs, settings or switches. An experienced user can set up the Thermal Angel in a matter of seconds. The U.S. Army Ranger Medics are trained to set up and use the Thermal Angel in complete darkness in less than one minute in battlefield conditions. The Thermal Angel can meet these stringent specifications.  Includes a simple visual guide for easy instructions.

Effects of Hypothermia Include

  • Hypothermia introduces myocardial dysfunction, coagulopathy, hyperkalemia, vasoconstriction, and a host of other problems that negatively affect survival rate. It is very difficult to increase the core temperature once hypothermia has started; therefore, all steps that can be taken in the field to preserve normothermia must be initiated…[more…]
  • Mortality was twice as high (53%) in patients with a Core Body Temperature less than 32°C compared with patients with a Core Body Temperature less than 34°C (28%)…[more…]
  • More Hypothermia information here.

NSN Numbers

We have NSN Numbers for our products.

For a list of the NSN numbers and part numbers, see the Military Thermal Angel Blood and IV Fluid Warmer Catalog.