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Thermal Angel Blood Warmer and IV Fluid Warmer (TA-200)

Blood Warmer and IV Warmer for Military and Government

Thermal Angel TA-200 Blood and IV Fluid Warmer

Model: TA-200
NSN: 6515-01-500-3521

A Blood Warmer and IV Fluid Warmer for the Military. The Thermal Angel TA-200 is a standard of care in the U.S. Military. It meets the specific needs of the caregivers in this austere environment.

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Features Include

  • IV-Warmer-Thermal-Angel-Blood-US-MilitaryDisposable:  No cleaning, maintenance, or calibration
  • Simple:  Sets up and warms up quickly
  • Portable:  Operates from a rechargeable (Ultra Battery 1 or Standard Battery)
  • Compact:  9 inches/9 ounces; Placed near the infusion site for minimal heat loss through tubing
  • Compatible:  Standard luer connections/infusion pump

How to Get the Thermal Angel for Military Use

It can be purchased individually, or as part of the Ultra Operations Module (TA-UOM) which has been designed specifically for the U.S. Military, and has an NSN Number.


The Thermal Angel TA-200 will work with the new Ultra Battery 1 (TA-UB1) or the Standard Battery (TA-BCE).

Quick Set Up

Because the Thermal Angel is elegantly simple, there are no knobs, settings or switches. An experienced user can set up the Thermal Angel in a matter of seconds.


The 5 Steps are printed on the Thermal Angel label, bag, and instruction insert.


The Thermal Angel was designed to be compatible with any standard IV or blood administration/extension set.


Because the Thermal Angel is Battery powered (Ultra Battery 1 or Standard Battery), it allows for a continuum of care with no interruption of the infusion of warm blood or intravenous fluids. The Thermal Angel can be used at first contact with the patient, whether at a trauma scene, in transport to a healthcare facility, or inside a hospital, clinic or surgery center.

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