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Thermal Angel Blood and IV Fluid Warmer Testimonials from Military

Capt. Louis Cook, Commanding Officer (former), Fire Department New York (FDNY)

We purchased the Thermal Angel to help us meet the unique needs of technical rescue patients we frequently encounter.  We specifically look for devices used by the US military medics in forward austere environments.  The durability and ease of use of the Thermal Angel makes it ideal for civilian EMS use for both field and […]

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Scott Schandelson, Chief Flight Nurse, Benefis Mercy Flight

Mercy Flight patient’s have greatly benefited by the addition of the Thermal Angel technology. Our program really pushed passive warming as far as we could and the addition of the Thermal Angel provided our patients with active warming technology without sacrificing weight and space. The system is easy to use and simple to set up. […]

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Scott S., U.S. Military, Air Evacuation

I’m a believer in the Thermal Angel. Best piece of medical equipment I had with me in (***). On a night casualty evacuation at 18,000 feet in the air and an outside temperature of -20°C the Thermal Angel fluid warmer made the difference between a hypothermic patient going downhill and a warm happy survivor. He was […]

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SFC Michael W. Lindsey, U.S. Military

This is SFC Lindsey, I am the Emergency Treatment NCOIC for the 176TH Engineer Brigade, Texas Army National Guard, I wanted to take this time to thank you Gentlemen for having such a great product. My Brigade is deploying to Afghanistan next month and we are relieved knowing we have the Thermal Angel going with us. We […]

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Captain Nadine W., U.S. Army, Afghanistan

I never used the Thermal Angel in my civilian practice in the ICU setting. It wasn’t until being deployed with the Army to my current duty station in Afghanistan that I was introduced to it. And I have to say I really like what it does to complement the warming measures we use for our trauma patients. […]

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Sgt. Daniel C., U.S. Army Rangers

I am a platoon medic with U.S. Army Ranger Regiment. We think that the Thermal Angel Blood and IV Fluid Infusion Warmer is an excellent piece of medical equipment and it is essential to our deployment packing list. We use it for its compact size, light weight, and ease of use. Hypothermia is a threat to our forces in […]

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MSgt. Rogelio G., U.S. Air Force, Afghanistan

You will be glad to hear, we’ve ordered a lot, and plan to keep ordering/stocking up on this awesome item. Thanks!

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SSG Ron NREMT-P 68-W, U.S. Military

I’ve got some friends that are deploying to Afghanistan later this year. We may be contacting you concerning Thermal Angel acquisition/use. I recently demonstrated your Thermal Angel training model this past week to one of my classes. Everyone was surprised to see how fast the IV fluid gets warm. Your contribution has greatly enhanced the way I […]

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