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Military Medical and Veterans Affairs Forum Magazine-Blood Warmer

October 14, 2014

In the October 2014 issue of “Military Medical & Veterans Affairs Forum” discussing Cold Weather Medicine:


Measures to prevent and treat hypothermia at initial care facilities have included the use of solar and heated blankets and maintaining trauma suites and operating rooms at warm temperatures. They have also included the use of fluid warmers and rapid infusers, such as those provided by Estill Medical Technologies, and known as the Thermal Angel Blood Warmer.

“The Thermal Angel is a lightweight, battery-powered blood and IV fluid infusion warmer that serves as the single point of heated infusion from first patient contact through the entire continuum of care,” said Brandon Lopez, the company’s vice president for sales and marketing. “… The Thermal Angel is currently being used by a variety of tactical and nontactical health care professionals in both the military and civilian settings to help overcome the deadly effects of hypothermia caused by trauma situations.”

Estill developed the 1.25 pound Ultra Battery 1 to power the Thermal Angel Blood Warmer, which could be deployed to the point of injury and far-forward environments where medical intervention significantly increases patient survivability rates. “Due to the Ultra Battery 1 being so well adopted within the U.S. military medical community, we further developed a kit to help reduce the logistical footprint associated with carrying, deploying, training and restocking the Thermal Angel,” said Lopez. “The Thermal Angel Ultra Operations Module (TA-UOM) is a flight-certified pre-packaged deployable Thermal Angel system. The TA-UOM allows the medic the flexibility to take the minimum Thermal Angel equipment necessary to treat the patient, which maximizes his available medic bag space to carry other critical medical equipment.”

Military Medical Affairs Magazine Thermal Angel Blood Warmer October 2014