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Cindy Spencer, Flight Nurse, Air Evac Lifeteam XI

Fluid warmers in hospitals are difficult and slow

Cindy Spencer, Flight Nurse, Air Evac Lifeteam XI

Thermal Angel Blood IV Fluid Warmer in EMS

Hello, I just wanted to let you know what a truly wonderful piece of equipment the Thermal Angel is!!! It is literally a lifesaver. I was an ER nurse for many years and was use to using the fluid warmers in the hospitals, which are large, difficult to use and slow. The first time I use the Thermal Angel was on a trauma patient receiving blood. I was amazed at how easy it was to hook up, how fast the blood infused and how portable it was. When we received the patient her core temperature was 94ºF. We applied several warm blankets, turned up the heater and used the Thermal Angel. We were with the patient a total of 45 minutes and when we turned care over to the receiving facility her core temperature was up to 98ºF. That’s amazing! I have since used the Thermal Angel on all my trauma patients needing large amount of fluids and on most of the blood I hang since we don’t ever have time to wait until it warms up. I would recommend this to anyone either in the hospital or the field.

Cindy Spencer
Flight Nurse
Air Evac Lifeteam XI