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Mary Bunger, Director of Nursing, Kearney County Health Services

Cold weather auto accident. Patient could feel the warm fluid.

Mary Bunger, Director of Nursing, Kearney County Health Services

Thermal Angel is used by Hospital after cold weather accident

The Thermal Angel was used May 11, 2008 and everyone involved thought things went well. It was used on a motor vehicle accident victim, a young lady. Her automobile accident happened in the early morning hours and because of her disorientation, she walked across a field to a farm house, could not arouse anyone, and slept in the garage until daylight (by morning temps here were 31°F). She had no shoes on. She then walked back to her car, evidently looking for her cell phone, when someone found her and brought her to the hospital. She was cold to say the least. The Thermal Angel was used to help warm her. The nurses and the physician said the Thermal Angel worked well and was easy to use (first time used by anyone here). The patient also said she could feel the warm fluid going in and that it helped to warm her and provide comfort. Things worked well with the unit and went well with the patient. Our hospital did an in-service on the unit, and watched the website Thermal Angel training video. The instructions for use are very user friendly, so that really helped to make our first use successful. Thank you.

Mary Bunger
Director of Nursing
Kearney County Health Services, Nebraska