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SFC Michael W. Lindsey, U.S. Military

Task Force Hammer in Afghanistan

SFC Michael W. Lindsey, U.S. Military

This is SFC Lindsey, I am the Emergency Treatment NCOIC for the 176TH Engineer Brigade, Texas Army National Guard, I wanted to take this time to thank you Gentlemen for having such a great product. My Brigade is deploying to Afghanistan next month and we are relieved knowing we have the Thermal Angel going with us. We are going to be in a very cold area this winter. Having said that, we can go to Afghanistan knowing that if any of our Soldiers have any issues with hypothermia. We will have the Thermal Angel to counter that life threat. As a civilian Paramedic I have worked with the Thermal Angel and I know that it saves lives. Thank you for your assistance. We will stay in touch and keep you posted on our progress.

Very Respectfully,


SFC Michael W. Lindsey
BDE Medical Readiness NCO
HQ 176th EN BDE, U.S. Military