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Sgt. Daniel C., U.S. Army Rangers

Warming fluids near the point of injury

Sgt. Daniel C., U.S. Army Rangers

Thermal Angel Blood Warmer in Stryker

I am a platoon medic with U.S. Army Ranger Regiment. We think that the Thermal Angel Blood and IV Fluid Infusion Warmer is an excellent piece of medical equipment and it is essential to our deployment packing list. We use it for its compact size, light weight, and ease of use. Hypothermia is a threat to our forces in many of our working environments, but increasing our chances at successfully combating the effects of hypovolemic shock make the Thermal Angel invaluable to our medical personnel on the ground. We have recently been packing the Thermal Angel on all of our medical Strykers (MEV’s) so that the ability to pass warm fluid to patients is at or very near to the point of injury. Working within the confines of a Stryker can be difficult, and a medic must be economical in his choice of equipment. The Thermal Angel takes up very little space in the rear of the vehicle, allowing plenty of room for other essential medical items. It takes minimal time to charge up, and the disposable cartridges make the Thermal Angel very easy to operate and maintain, saving time in routine pre mission checks. It also gives us great peace of mind to know that we have the right tools to help fight against volume depletion and shock on hand, should an air medevac time be prolonged or delayed. We will continue to train and fight with the Thermal Angel in our ranks, knowing that it will continue to serve our purpose of sustaining life and bringing our troops home.

Sgt. Daniel C.
U.S. Army Rangers