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Thermal Angel Blood Warmer and IV Fluid Warmer (TA-200)

Blood Warmer and IV Fluid Warmer for Military, EMS and Hospitals

Thermal Angel TA-200 Blood and IV Fluid Warmer

Model: TA-200
NSN: 6515-01-500-3521

A Blood Warmer and IV Fluid Warmer, the Thermal Angel is a battery-powered disposable, lightweight easy to use portable blood and IV fluid warming device. The Thermal Angel blood warmer works in your environment.

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5 Simple Steps

Blood Warmer and IV Fluid Warmer 5 Simple Steps for Thermal Angel

Read Blood/IV Warmer Directions for Use



  • No cleaning, maintenance or calibration


  • Train in minutes
  • Sets up and warms up quickly
  • Standard luers



  • 9 inches/9 ounces
  • Place near infusion site


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Areas of Use

 Thermal Angel Blood Warmer and U.S. Military Battlefield Healthcare  Thermal Angel Blood IV Fluid Warmer in EMS  Thermal Angel Blood and IV Warmer used in Hospitals