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Technology Innovator Award-Thermal Angel, a Tech Titan

Stephen C. Webster October 5-11, 2007 Dallas Business Journal

October 05, 2007

Since December 2000, Dallas-based Estill Medical Technologies, Inc. has been riding a tide of unprecedented growth driven by what Chief Operating Officer Jay Lopez calls “an amazingly simple innovation.”

“When the body sustains a trauma, medical professionals typically induce fluid right away,” he said. “If they’re running fluid at a temperature less than the patient’s core body temperature, they are causing fluid-induced hypothermia, which can be a life-threatening condition.”

Estill developed a unique solution to the problem of fluid-induced hypothermia: a little white boxed called the Thermal Angel.

It’s an automatic fluid-warmer that interrupts the flow of life-preserving IV between the bag and the patient’s arm.

The Thermal Angel is particularly useful with children and infants, who are much more susceptible to fluid-induced hypothermia.

The Thermal Angel has proven to be tremendously useful in emergency rooms across the nation – and in the deserts of Iraq.