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Thermal Angel Blood Warmer Company Recruits Former Air Force Surgeon General to Sit on Medical Advisory Board

October 13, 2010

Estill Medical Technologies, Inc. announced this week that Paul K. Carlton, Jr., M.D., Lt. General, USAF (Ret) has joined its advisory board.

“We are very excited to welcome Lt. General Carlton to the Board of Advisors,” says Jay Lopez, president and CEO for Estill Medical Technologies, Inc. “We are confident he will be a valuable asset in many areas, including new product development for specific military medical needs.”

About Paul K. Carlton, Jr., M.D., Lt. General, USAF (Ret)

Dr. Paul K. Carlton, Jr. has a B.S. from the U.S. Air Force Academy and a doctorate of medicine from the University of Colorado. He currently serves as Director to the Office of Innovations and Preparedness for The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center. Prior to this, he was the Air Force Surgeon General from 1999 to 2002.

As the Surgeon General, he served as a functional manager of the U.S. Air Force Medical Service. He had authority to commit resources, worldwide; to make decisions affecting the delivery of medical services; and to develop plans, programs and procedures to support peacetime and wartime medical service missions.

His vision for medical care in the combat zone led directly to the nation’s current best survival rate in the history of warfare.

About Estill Medical Technologies

Estill Medical Technologies, Inc. is the creator of the Thermal Angel Blood and IV Fluid Infusion Warmer, a patented medical device that is being used by U.S. hospitals and military and emergency responders around the globe to lessen the effects of fluid-induced hypothermia. In fact, the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement recently named it “2010 Outstanding Military Product of the Year.”

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