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Thermal Angel Heats up in the Market

By Lee Barnhart, MD Buyline Clinical Analyst May 13, 2009

January 01, 2009

From the ambulance to the hospital, imagine a revolutionary tool that could potentially save a patient‘s life during the “golden hour,” referring to the first 60 minutes after the occurrence of a trauma, such as a gunshot wound or motor vehicle collision.

The Thermal Angel has been primarily utilized in military situations since 2001, but this device is gradually moving into ambulances and ERs across the country. The system is a portable blood and IV fluid warming device designed to warm core body temperature and reduce hypothermia. A significant 2009 Joint Commission and CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) initiative was designed to decrease hospital acquired infections

MD Buyline has not yet seen formal quotes for this unit; but as a nurse still actively engaged and practicing in the emergency department, I see this potentially making a huge impact for small and large hospitals. There are no enormous capital costs to be considered by the hospital when purchasing this unit. Other cost-effective benefits are reflected by the little time required for training and maintenance as well as eliminating time-consuming repairs for the biomedical department, giving them time to adhere to other hospital equipment.
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