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What is Estill’s “Why?”

Estill's Company Culture

We are always trying to grow and improve Estill Medical Technologies.  We were inspired by a famous TED talk by Simon Sinek called “How great leaders inspire action.”  Sinek also wrote the book “Start with Why.”

So we challenged ourselves to really understand and define our company’s “Why.”

As a company, we all came to this conclusion.

Our “why” is “We Affect Lives.

That is why our company exists, and that is our company culture.  Everyone here believes this, and anyone who joins us needs to believe and be passionate about this as well.  This isn’t my idea forced down onto the team, rather, this is our team’s idea and cohesive vision.  Everything we do must be measured against and support our “why.”

Jay Lopez, President and CEOJay Lopez

President and CEO



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